A Mallorcan Christmas Tradition

Christmas in Mallorca is different from elsewhere, at least, it used to be. For a start, Christmas in Spain is, or used to be, a religious affair. It was traditionally celebrated as a family get-together with an opulent meal shared with friends on Noche Buena (Christmas Eve) and another meal shared with the extended family […]

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The Seasonal Divide

There’s an off-time in Mallorca and an on-time, a seasonal divide. Mallorca has its busy season when up to 13,000,000 visitors arrive, when hotels are open and staff are hired for up to 180 days with not a single day off. And there is the off-season when unemployment is rife, many hotels don’t bother to […]

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Cycling In Mallorca

For a good number of reasons, the island of Mallorca provides ideal circumstances, locations and conditions for a large number of leisure activities, be that hiking, golfing, sailing, motorbike touring, caving, surfing, rock climbing or cycling, not least of all the weather and climate. For now, let’s just talk about cycling. Spain has always been […]

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Harvesting Grapes

Two weeks ago, the annual wine harvest began in Mallorca, at least in some parts such as the region called Pla i Llevant which covers Petra, Porreres, Manacor and Felanitx. White grapes are always the first to be harvested, at least here in Mallorca, and in particular the Chardonnay, Macabeu, Malvasia and Giró varieties, amongst others. […]

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