Some of you may know the Mallorca Daily Photo Blog.

The MDPB was elaborated as a tribute to and in memory of the Archduke Ludwig Salvator of Austria (1847-1915). The Archduke had dedicated his life to the research and documentation of Mallorca and the Balearic Islands, their cultures, habits, traditions, architecture, nature and landscape. You might want to check out his amazing book Die Balearen, available in German, Spanish (Las Baleares), and Catalan.

Now, the Mallorca Daily Photo Blog has undergone a rebirth, albeit not on a daily basis. The aim is to glimpse insights into the daily life, culture and traditions of this beautiful island, as told by a Mallorca lover who has made this island his and his family’s home over 25 years ago, in snippets of hopefully entertaining and sometimes perhaps even enlightening value.

This blog may well turn into an exciting journey. If you feel like it, we can embark upon this adventure together and observe what this pretty island and its inhabitants are up to.

Bon Viatge.

Welcome to Mallorca Observed.

5 thoughts on “Benvinguts

  1. Pleased to see the new blog. Long may it prosper!
    What about putting all your previous blog photos on an acessible, free, website? Why not let them be used by others without copyright providing proper acknowldgement and credits are given?

  2. So happy to see you up and running again. Really looking forward to your entries. I’m also happy to see that the old site will remain up and running for a while – thank you. We’re coming over to see Majorca from Oregon in May with the prospect of moving in a couple (few) years and that site is a priceless fount of information!

  3. Welcome back to blogging! I missed your posts so much. I hope to see you again in Palma. I am enjoying a Nordic summer, but will be back home soon. Again, so very nice to have you on the move. I hope to see you around.
    All the best.

  4. Ah! Welcome back! I did wonder where your posts went. All the different reasons people follow a blog is really interesting. Just so you know, my family roots are from the Balearic Islands, and this effort of your’s helps me keep a bit of my heart attached, to what I consider a homeland. The Eye you have on the location is different than a lot of others. I enjoy the fact that you address the reality of living there.
    —-I’ve learned in my later years, that if something is a burden or stressful, we must redirect the energy. It’s sure saved me from a lot of stress. It’s selfish of me to say, I’m happy you are here again!

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