The Drama of the Passion Play

Davallament Felanitx Mallorca 1

The celebrations of Lent and Easter in Mallorca have been following the traditions of the Catholic church for centuries. Divendres Sant (Good Friday) is the date for the beginning of the Easter weekend and is marked in many pueblos with a reenactment of the Sant Sopar (Last Supper) and the crucifixion of Jesus on the wooden cross, culminating eventually in the Davallament (Descent from the Cross).

Davallament Felanitx Mallorca 2

Most places in Mallorca stage the Passion Play event with wooden statues but Felanitx (shown here), Artà, Sant Joan, Santa Margalida and Palma go the full way and use a cast of devoted live performers reenacting the drama with real passion, eagerness and dedication much to the excitement of a large audience.

Davallament Felanitx Mallorca 3

The hour-long spectacle, free of charge, is usually followed by the Processó de l’Enterro, the last of the hooded Easter processions, this time accompanying the deceased Jesus on his last journey to his final resting place where he is duly buried in an imposing ceremony.

Davallament Felanitx Mallorca 4

On the morning of Diumenge de Pasqua (Easter Sunday), the resurrection is celebrated with a joyful Encontrada, the encounter between Jesus and Maria, followed by a Missa solemnis (Solemn mass).

Easter Monday is not usually a day off but it seems that this year a Public Holiday will be celebrated for reasons which you might know better than I.

One thought on “The Drama of the Passion Play

  1. Karl, Many thanks for this post and, as always, the lovely photos. May you, and your family, have a truly enjoyable Easter season.

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