Alcúdia Calling

Porta de Xara Alcudia Mallorca

One of the finest examples of remnants of a fortified Mediaeval city wall can be found in the old town of Alcúdia. The fortifications were built during the 14th century and modified during the 16th century. The Southern and Western fragments of this bulwark are still largely intact; one can climb up and walk along most of its remaining expanse. Two massive gates are part of that wall, Porta de Mallorca, also known also as Porta de Sant Sebastià (the Western gate), and Porta de Xara, also known as Porta de Moll (the Eastern gate), shown here. The Porta de Xara still preserves its original Mediaeval portcullis, carpentered in wood some 400 years ago (photo below).

Portcullis Porta de Xara Alcudia Mallorca

If you are interested in more remains of a vivid past on our island other than the city walls of Alcúdia, you might want to visit the relics of Pollentia (shown below), on the outskirts of today’s Alcúdia, a Roman settlement dating back to 123 B. C., and well worth a visit. Admission fee is 2 €, including a visit to the Museu Monogràfic.

Pollentia Alcúdia Mallorca

The rural areas of Alcúdia and Port d’Alcúdia are amongst Mallorca’s favourite regions for the independent traveller. Plenty of accommodation is available for rent, such as can be found at Alcúdia Villas. During your holiday stay you can visit the old town of Alcúdia and find out more about life in the Roman settlement of Pollentia.

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