Of Bonfires, Eels, Espinagades And Ximbombes

eels The island of Mallorca is getting ready for this year’s Sant Antoni event. Festivities are about to be celebrated all over the island including the pueblo where you might live. Details can be found on the website of your local Ajuntament.

Manacor, Artà and Son Servera are especially big with the saint and so are Muro and, in particular, Sa Pobla. The eel plays a prominent role during the festive fortnight in Sa Pobla where a gastronomic affair is being held in its sixth year, the Mostra Gastronòmica de s’Anguila (10th to 19th of January 2015), to coincide with the local activities in honour of the saint, Sant Antoni. A total of 20 bars and restaurants are participating in this culinary occasion; details can be found on the Sa Pobla website in a pdf file (in Catalan but easily understood).

Mostra_gastronòmica de s'AnguilaYou will be able to try the local Espinagades amb anguiles (shown below), Anguiles fregides amb salsa de tomàtiga i pebres or Fideus amb anguiles, each one a very special culinary delight.

espinagadasAnd if you are lucky you might be treated to a Ximbombada, a one of a kind musical performance for the discerning ear.

ximbombesDo not forget the Sant Antoni activities in Pollença and Port de Pollença, where the Pi de Sant Antoni will be pushed and pulled from Ternelles or hauled by sea from Formentor, respectively, happening on 17th of January at noon in the case of Port de Pollença or at night in the case of Pollença proper.

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