The Palau d’Aiamans in Lloseta

May I suggest a trip down to Lloseta, not far from Alaró, Inca or Binissalem. Should you happen to live in Palma, you will be pleased to know that there is a train stopping in Lloseta on its way to Inca. Very convenient indeed. And there is the motorway from Palma to Alcúdia, of course.

Actually, I don’t think that I can envisage many reasons why one should go to the pueblo of Lloseta unless one wants to buy cement or shoes. Or unless, many moons ago, one would have wanted to dig for coal (yes, there was some coal mining in Mallorca, some hundred years ago). But, wait, there are a few more reasons, come to think of it. One good excuse to come to Lloseta would be the Palau d’Aiamans (Palacio de Ayamans, the Ayamans Palace), probably one of the most splendid private houses on the island, albeit a feudal, aristocratic one. Aristocracy in Lloseta, however, and at the Aiamans’s house was synonymous for despotic autocracy for many centuries. During the 17th century, the then Conde de Ayamans and Lord of Lloseta is said to have run an oppressive reign of terror on his serfs and also, on his wife. The poor woman even fled from the Conde‘s tyranny and sought shelter in a convent. But, the Count would not allow his wife to escape and went after her, storming the nuns’ cloister. Once seized, the wife was incarcerated at home until the unlucky woman was eventually murdered by some bandits, or so it is said.

Palau de Aiamans3

The palace in Lloseta is famed for its extensive suites of rooms and for its splendid park-like gardens, now somewhat neglected. The palace gardens used to be open to the public during weekends but, sadly this is not the case any longer. Except, once a year the Palau d’Aiamans is accessible to you and me and everybody else. This weekend, June 1st and 2nd, Lloseta is holding its annual Fira de sa Sabata, the shoemakers’ fair, with the palace being the centre point of the fair ground and access will be granted for a few days only. You should not miss the opportunity.

There is actually a Festival de Poesia going on in Lloseta as well, just now. On Friday, June 7th, the Festa de la Paraula will be held at the said Palau d’Aiamans at 21h00 with the participation of Nora Albert, Jaume Caldentey, Pere Gomila, Lucia Pietrelli, Arnau Pons, Lluís Roda, Sebastià Sansó and Blanca Llum Vidal.

Palau de Aiamans4

The Conde de Ayamans also had a town palace in Palma, better known as Ca Gran Cristiana which now is the seat of the Museu de Mallorca, sadly closed at the moment for extensive refurbishing. Oh well.

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