Sant Sebastià is Palma’s Patron Saint

Sant Sebastià is the patron saint of Mallorca’s capital, Palma de Mallorca. The saint is honoured every year on January 20th with an extended programme of festivities.

Saint Sebastian was a Christian saint and martyr, who is said to have been killed during the Roman emperor’s persecution of the Christians. The saint is usually depicted in art and literature tied to a post and shot with arrows (see photo [top], depicting a painting by Alonso de Sedano, dating from 1488, which can be found at the Museu de Sa Catedral in Palma, and photo [bottom], seen at Església Parroquial de Sant Miquel, Felanitx).

The proper festive day is today, January 20th, but celebrations have been going on for a week already and will continue until tomorrow when a correfoc (fire run) will be performed at 19h00. A lavishly prepared brochure has been published by the mandarins in Palma de Mallorca and is available now for download from the Ajuntament de Palma website.

In the past, the ancient cuevas below the Castell de Bellver were open during the week of the Festes de Sant Sebastià, but, alas, not any longer. Apparently, there are some safety worries relating to some cracks found in the entrance area indicating some kind of subsidence. One has to be careful, I suppose. Instead, guided tours were offered this year to visit the Torre de l’Hommenatge. Sadly, I seem to have missed those. Oh, well, perhaps next year.

Sant Sebastià is also venerated in Pollença but, not much anywhere else on the island.

Sant Sebastià401

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  1. Dear Klaus, It is truly lovely to see you back. Thank you, in advance, for what you will share. It goes without saying but please make sure that you take exceptionally good care of yourself, David

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